Puppy training? We can help. Whether your new puppy has got you on the run, or your just need some help deciding which dog is best for you, we can provide you with the tools you will need to succeed.

Loose leash walking is something most families struggle with. Walking your dog doesn't need to be a battle of wills. With our training methods, you will build a relationship based on trust and mutual respect with your dog.... and go on walks you both can enjoy.

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Feisty Fido? Reactive Rover? What ever you call it, reactivity is nothing to scoff at. Lets help your dog learn that the world isn't as scary as he thinks it is. We will work on building your dogs confidence, while simultaneously increasing comfort with, and reducing reactions towards triggers.

From puppies and manners to every day behavior problems, we have you covered.

Day training

Let us do the work for you! Enjoy the convenience of having your dog trained while you work so you can appreciate quality time with him and your family. We come to your home a few times a week and work with your dog, and meet with you once a week to show you how to apply what your dog has learned.  

3 visits a week (including our weekly meeting)

2 week / 6 session package – $750.00 

3 week / 9 session package – $1040.00  

4 visits a week (including our weekly meeting)

2 week / 8 session package – $980.00

3 week / 12 session package – $1375.00

4 week / 16 session package – $1700.00

Things we can work on

  • Basic obedience
  • Jumping
  • Counter surfing
  • Backyard and window barking 
  • Loose leash walking
  • Leash reactivity
  • Go to bed
  • Practicing calm
  • Much more – please ask if you have questions

One on one private consult

Training for you and your dog. We come to your home and work with you and your dog, giving both of you the skills to grow and maintain a strong and fruitful relationship. 

Initial Consult (90 minutes) – $150.00

Follow up (60 minutes) – $130.00

Online Services

From the comfort of your home to mine. Either through Zoom or Skype, this one on one training session will help you hone your skills to ensure that you can provide the best training for your best friend.  

Initial Consult (90 minutes)  – $120.00 

Follow up (60 minutes) – $80.00 

Payments can be made through Paypal, Interact e-Transfer or cash.