Online Behaviour Consultations

Online behaviour consultations are are an ideal method for dealing with fearful dogs as well as a host of other behaviour issues including leash reactivity, resource guarding and many other problem behaviours. Each consultation will include a 1 hour meeting where we will discuss the challenges you are facing and the steps you can take to resolve them as well as hand outs, any applicable videos and a half hour follow up session.  

Online Consultation -

  • 60 minutes each + one half hour follow up

Online behaviour consultation using Google Meet and a single half hour follow up session. Includes hand outs, videos, and email support. 

Half hour follow up session must be used no later then 4 weeks after the initial consultation and email support is limited to 3 emails per week for the duration of 4 week period.

Follow Up -

  • 1 Sessions: 30 minutes each
  • Not for new clients.

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